Where can my student get help with the transition to Mississippi State?

The Center for Student Success promotes student learning and an enriched Mississippi State student experience by providing services, programs, and resources that help students make the transition into university life; aid students’ decision-making, especially during their freshman year; and help students achieve personal and academic progress and growth, targeted toward graduation.

How does my student register for classes?

First time students will register during Orientation. Continuing students will need to meet with their advisor and utilize CAPP compliance (accessed through myState) to make sure they are staying on track. If there are no Holds on a student’s account, registration will then take around the middle of the semester. On myBanner under “Registration” students should choose “Register for Classes.” Students should complete their own registration process.

How can I see my student’s grades, absences, and other general information?

The easiest and quickest way for families to receive information about their student’s grades is for the student to provide it directly. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students certain rights with respect to their education records. Mississippi State may not disclose academic records without the student’s consent.

Here are a few simple ways to access your student’s grades: