Dear Parents,

Stop what you are doing right now and shoot your student a text. Remind your student to buckle down and stay focused because it is really easy to lose focus right now. Spring is definitely in the air! A little support will go a long way as they finish out the semester. Be sure to remind your students you are thinking about them and available if they need anything. Also, remind them to REGISTER for summer/fall classes. Classes fill up quickly. This semester has flown by particularly fast and summer is right around the corner!

Super Bulldog Weekend is this weekend and Starkville puts on a spectacular Cotton District Arts Festival (CDAF), celebrating Starkville and life. Plan your trip if you haven't already. For more information about the CDAF, visit For more information of Super Bulldog Weekend, visit and click on the link at the top.

If your student has not made plans for the summer, it is not too early (or too late!) to start thinking about the break between spring and fall. Every year I ask representatives from our Student Counseling and Career Centers to offer a little expert advice on opportunities for the upcoming summer. They are included in this newsletter and I hope they are able to offer you some valuable insight.

Here are a couple of important dates to note over the next few weeks:

As always, please call or email me 662.325.3611/ with any questions or concerns. Your voice is truly important to me and I always appreciate hearing any ideas/suggestions on how our office can better serve you.

Cat Walker, Office of Parent Services

A Note from Housing & Residence Life, Residence Hall Check-Out

Students will need to check out of their residence hall room no later than 10 AM on the day after their last final exam. Each student's Resident Adviser will hold a floor meeting to discuss closing procedures. These meetings are mandatory and all students living in the residence hall must attend. Students will sign up for a check-out appointment after the floor meeting or at least 24 hours in advance with an RA in their building. Failure to do so will result in an improper check-out charge. With exception to graduating seniors, the residence halls will close for summer on Saturday May 10, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

Before the check-out appointment, students must do the following:

Failure to properly clean the room and complete the list of action items above will result in penalties and cleaning charges which will be posted to the student and/or the student's roommate's student account.

A Note from Mandy Conrad, MSU's Registered Dietician

Here is a simple parental tip to continue to share with the student in your life – eat breakfast! So many college students do not make time for breakfast. However, breakfast is the first and most important meal and sets the stage for the rest of a student's day. A study conducted at Saint Martin's University found that college students who ate breakfast had improved memory retention and cognitive functioning on tests over students that did not eat breakfast. Also, a healthy morning meal helps control hunger throughout the day and can be a vital factor in weight management during the college years. Many of the needed daily nutrients can be found in breakfast, such as fiber, calcium, and protein. Care packages that include healthy breakfast items such as oatmeal, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, even peanut butter and jelly with wheat bread can be simple options to help start the day. Not only does eating in the morning help students maintain a healthy body weight, it also improves academic performance in the classroom. Getting up a little earlier and planning ahead to eat breakfast should be a priority to improve the quality of life for today's college students. Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian is offered free to student. Appointments can be made by calling the appointment desk at the Longest Student Health Center at 325-7539.

Mandy Conrad, MS, RD, LD
Health Education and Wellness
Longest Student Health Center
Mississippi State University

A Note from Barnes and Noble, MSU's bookstore

Did you rent or buy textbooks? Before heading home this summer make sure you come over to the bookstore to turn in your textbook rentals. Rental books are due on Friday May 9th by 8pm. You can return your rental books at any time prior to the deadline. If you are not sure whether you rented textbooks just come over to the store and we will help you. Please be aware that failure to return textbooks by the deadline will result in textbook replacement costs and fees. Remember that you don't get cash back for returning rentals so make sure to double check that you returned the rental textbooks before going home.

A Note from The Learning Center - Summer Tutoring Schedule

The last day for tutoring for Spring 2013 will be 7:00 p.m. on April 24th,

We will have tutoring for Summer I and II and that schedule will be available soon. See the tutoring schedule at

Remember to refresh your browser often as the schedule is subject to updates.

There will be no tutoring during Maymester.

We now have tutoring by appointments! And it is free to all MSU students! The Learning Center encourages MSU students to come by and use these services at their convenience or by scheduling an appointment ahead of time.

Also, if a student needs a tutor in a particular course or subject area other than those The Learning Center has currently scheduled, the student can fill out the online Request for Tutor form and efforts will be made to secure a tutor.

If a student is interested in becoming a tutor, they can fill out the online Tutor Application form. Applications by phone or in person will not be evaluated - only those submitted online will be evaluated.

Super Bulldog Weekend 2014

Here's a few more details, as promised, about this year's Super Bulldog Weekend!

Check out and click on Super Bulldog Weekend link for a listing of all Super Bulldog Weekend events.

Can't wait to see you there!

A Note from the Student Counseling Center

Summer is a time for many things for our students: a time to rejuvenate from the past academic year, a time for family vacations, a time to work before starting back to school, or maybe a time to continue their academic work. As your student comes home, either for the summer or briefly, it would be a good time to talk about balancing their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being in order to promote their mental health.

A starting point is the physical self: Eating, exercising and sleeping on a regular schedule is conducive to positive attitude and renewal for a healthy body and mind. Encourage taking care of the physical self every day.

The spiritual self: Many students don't take time during the academic year for their spiritual practices. Encourage taking time for spiritual renewal.

The emotional self: Psychologically, with all the changes while away from home, students need to be sure that they take time to assess any issues they may have including depression, anxiety, home-sickness, relationship issues, family issues etc. The summer can be a time to deal with some of those things without the stress of academics and with the support of the family. Encourage things that nurture the emotional self such as meditation, relaxation exercises, journaling, therapy, reading or self-reflection.

Gaining a balance in these three areas will nurture the mind, body and spirit. This practice of assessing physical, spiritual, and emotional issues in life can help us all become healthy for life and psyched for success!

Leigh Jensen, Ph.D., Director Student Counseling Services

A Note from the Center for Student Activities

The Center for Student Activities is wrapping up the spring semester with some exciting events!

The Student Association and Music Maker Productions are bringing The Neighborhood to perform for 2014 Old Main Music Festival, in the MSU Amphitheater on April 12. In edition to the California-based alternative rock group, this free event will feature singer-song writer Eric Hutchinson. Joining the performances will be Oxford, MS artists The Red Thangs. Music is slated to begin at 7pm. For more information, please visit

In addition to Old Main Music Festival, the Colvard Student Union Art Gallery will wrap its spring semester up with "Wonders of Nature," a safari photography exhibit by Steve Brandon. Steve is an alumnus of MSU and has graciously donated all of the pieces to the Art Gallery for sale. This exhibit will run through May, with a public reception to be held on April 22, from 5-7pm.

Be sure to tell your student to check out both these events!

A Note from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

For more information about the following events, call 662.325.3917.

A Note from Dining Services

Meal Plan Rewards are back! Students who enroll for their Fall Meal Plan by May 1, will receive Meal Plan Rewards. Free Chick-fil-A and Starbucks for the semester are up for grabs. Sixteen free chicken sandwiches or biscuits ($75 value) and sixteen $5 vouchers to use on any Starbucks purchase ($80 value). Sign up for the Ultimate, Gold, Silver, or Bronze plan and receive both rewards. Those who purchase the Greek or Campus Connector will choose one reward. Sign up at

A Note from the Longest Student Health Center Pharmacy

As summer approaches many students may wonder what to do about their prescriptions. Students can continue to use the pharmacy during the summer, or we will be happy to transfer prescriptions to a local pharmacy. Once they return to school in fall, we can transfer their prescriptions back to our pharmacy. As a reminder we are a fast and efficient pharmacy that offers a convenient place for students to receive the best patient care for their prescriptions and over-the-counter needs. We file most major insurances. If you have any questions or concerns please call the pharmacy at 662-325-8205.

A Note from the Post Office

The university post office reminds students to check their post office boxes before they leave campus, as several packages are arriving for exams and last-minute orders. Any students going home for the summer should give the post office a temporary change of address so mail can be forwarded to the appropriate location. In addition, students should check when the box rent is due. Anyone not planning on keeping his or her box is asked to return the key, as the post office has more than 2,000 incoming freshmen who will need a box by June. Change of addresses and payments may be made online at Follow the university post office on twitter for news, facts and information. Twitter: @MSUPostOffice

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