Dear Parents,

Our office is busy putting final touches on Bulldog Family Weekend 2014. We have over 130 families registered! If you are coming, we cannot wait to welcome you on campus in just a few weeks. We will kickoff the weekend with Check-in and a Welcome Reception on Friday, February 28th! If you would still like to sign up, it's not too late. We are able to keep the registration up until Friday, February 14th. To register or check out the schedule of events, please visit

Valentine's Day, while lovey dovey and happy for some, can be a very lonely day for others and the gloomy, chilly weather probably does not help much. It will not hurt to pay a little extra attention to your student over the next few days. Send an extra text, pop a homemade Valentine's Day card in the mail, Skype so you can see your student's face... do something. I promise he/she will be so happy to hear from you.

Here are some important dates to note over the next few weeks:

Encourage your student to stay focused - midterms are right around the corner! And as always, please call or email me (662.325.3611/ with any questions or concerns. I always appreciate hearing any ideas/suggestions on how our office can better serve you.

Cat Walker, Office of Parent Services

Money Matter$ - Student Accounts

Account Due Date Reminder: Students should review and pay all past-due account balances by March 9, 2014. If unpaid, the account will be placed on HOLD and begin accruing late fees with the March 15th billing. Students with a HOLD on their account will not be permitted to pre-register for the Summer 2014 or Fall 2014 semesters; pre-registration begins April 1, 2014. According to university policy, student accounts must be current in order to continue enrollment at Mississippi State University.

Authorized Payer Reminder: To access and/or make payments on your student’s account, your student will need to designate you as an Authorized Payer through QuikPAY®. Please visit for step by step instructions on how your student can set you up as an Authorized Payer.

As always, you may contact us directly at 662.325.2071 or e-mail us at if you have questions.

A Note from Michael Hogan, MSU Student Association President

Bulldog Parents,

I hope your year is off to a great start and I appreciate all of your sacrifice and service to your Bulldog. As adults in this world who have had more opportunity for growth and retainment of knowledge than most of us students, I can imagine you are all well versed in your freedoms and rights as a citizen of this country. An important right that I believe we could all exercise more intentionally, is the one to vote for our specific representatives. No matter your political views, I hope that you all have a strong grasp on who truly represents you throughout our cities, states and country.

Here at Mississippi State University, I truly represent your children. I get the opportunity to meet and discuss today's issues with top administration. I travel to the capital to represent our students in a state wide meeting every month. After hours of research and encouragement from peers and advisors, my statements speak for over 20,000 people. That, for lack of a better word is...stressful. This position means the world to me and I have spent the past year serving your children to the best of my ability. I've made mistakes and I've had successes.

Tomorrow, there will be a new representative for each and every Bulldog student. These candidates are honorable, relatable and ready to take over as the one student who speaks for 20,000. I hope you encourage your student to exercise their right to vote. When voting in this Student Association election, their votes truly can mean anything. From textbook policies to Bulldog Bash, the Student Association is representing Bulldogs in every entity of campus. Tomorrow, make sure your student is educated, informed and ready to vote!

Check out and share the below link to view our campaign to improve voter turn out! Thanks so much for all you do and have a great rest of this semester!

Michael Hogan

Student Association President

From The Learning Center - Tutoring, the S4 Series, and GRE Prep Workshop

  1. Free Tutoring By Appointments and Walk-Ins on Sunday (New)

One thing we have to admit is that sometimes a student will struggle in a class. Very few students are willing to even ask their teachers for help let alone seek outside help for a class that may be causing some problems. The reasons behind this can vary from being self-conscious, wishing to avoid unwanted attention brought to themselves in a classroom 100+ students, or to thinking that being independent means never asking for help and being able to accomplish things on their own. While independent thinking is something we do promote as a good thing, we at The Learning Center want to promote a higher level of living: interdependency.

The interdependent student is capable of handling his problems and taking care of tasks but is also aware of when outside help and resources are needed. The Learning Center is here to help guide your student to that interdependent way of thinking. We encourage students to approach the tutoring center when the problems begin and not wait until right before finals. In classes where information moves sequentially and quickly, The Learning Center tutors are here to guide your students through the material and break it down to them in a one-on-one setting. As if that wasn't already a wonderful thought, may we remind you that it is free. The only thing standing in the way of your student receiving help in those challenging courses is the knowledge that we are here and ready to help.

Help your MSU student help themselves! Make sure they are aware of The Learning Center's Tutoring Lab in Allen Hall 266. The hours are:

Tutoring is free to all MSU students! And it is easy to schedule appointments. If the students' need help the first time, they can come in or call 662.325.8613 during the hours above and the lab assistant will help them.

The Tutoring Schedule can be found at

Remember to refresh your browser often as the schedule is subject to frequent updates.

Also, if your MSU student needs a tutor in a particular course or subject area other than those The Learning Center has currently scheduled, the student can fill out the online Don't See a Course? form and efforts will be made to secure a tutor.

If an upper class student is interested in becoming a tutor, they can fill out the online Tutor Application form. Applications by phone or in person will not be evaluated - only those submitted online will be evaluated.

  1. The Successful Student Speaker Series (S4 Series)

The 3rd Successful Student Speaker Series sponsored by The Learning Center is going to be held on March 19, 2014 in Ballroom U of Colvard Student Union from 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. All students are invited to attend. Mandi Stanley, Certified Speaking Professional and a summa cum laude graduate of Mississippi State with concentrations in English, communication, and management is the guest speaker. The Students' Super Session is titled: "Hair on Fire!" Presentation Skills.

Mandi will provide a professional development session for faculty and staff from 12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. in Ballroom U with a presentation titled: Best Practices from The No-Panic Plan for Presenters. Parents are welcome to attend the professional development session.

  1. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Workshop

Parents, do you have a student making plans to attend graduate school? Most university graduate programs require the applicant to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). For many students, this can be a very stressful venture, but it doesn't have to be.

The Learning Center offers a GRE workshop every semester to help inform students of the expectations that the GRE has in place. Each workshop is given on a Saturday from 8:00 am until 4:45 pm. The cost of the workshop is $60 which supplies the student with the GRE handbook, a disc with all PowerPoint presentations from the workshop included, and the guidance of our three instructors who lead the workshop. It covers all areas of the GRE including Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning skills as well as introducing the student to the scoring style of the GRE graders.

The next GRE Workshop will be given February 15th from 8:00 am until 4:45 pm. Registration for the workshop can be completed in The Learning Center's main office, Allen 267. Should you or your student have any questions, we would be happy to answer them at 662.325.2957.

We look forward to seeing your son or daughter in The Learning Center's Tutoring Lab, at the Successful Speaker Series, or the GRE Prep Workshop. Or, just tell them to drop by anytime and we will have one of our faculty or staff meet with them!

SHARP (Student Housing Application Renewal Process)

SHARP allows current on-campus residents the opportunity to indicate his/her request for on-campus housing for the 2014-2015 academic year. Current on-campus residents have received an email in his/her MSU e-mail account and a door hanger has been placed on the door to their room with information regarding the renewal process. Online open enrollment for SHARP begins Monday, February 10 at 8:00 am and ends Friday, February 21 at 5:00 pm. Students must log on to to submit their request to live on campus for the following academic year.

8th Annual Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival

Springtime is Ragtime at MSU Libraries!

MSU Libraries' annual Charles Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival returns to campus on March 28-29, 2014, and registration for these exciting two days is now open. This signature festival features some of the most talented pianists around in a setting that has come to be known for its warmth, hospitality and uniqueness.

Concerts, "living room" sessions and lectures center around the unique Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Collection in the Mississippi State University Libraries, home of more than 20,000 pieces of sheet music, 200 musical instruments and extensive memorabilia from the 1880s-1930s. All document the distinctly American approach to the "business of music".

Festival attendees will enjoy evening concerts in MSU's McComas Hall Auditorium, "living room" sessions in the Library's beautifully appointed Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum and small-group tours of the Templeton Museum. A feature found at no other ragtime festival in the nation, the one-of-a-kind insight offered by the Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum into the culture, art, business and musical sensibilities of a generation that spanned the Gilded Age of the late 1880s and the dizzying changes of the Roaring 20s is not to be missed. The Collection's beautifully illustrated sheet music, self-playing musical machines, memorabilia and artifacts immerse festival-goers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, giving them a vivid sense of the times that gave rise to ragtime and jazz.

Those who love great musical performances, those interested in history and art and those who just like to have a good time will find something to love at the Charles Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival. There are plenty of musical items to browse in the gift shop, including a range of compact discs from each performer, and a full schedule of performances that make every moment a musical stand-out. Plan to be here!

For lots more Festival information and to register, please visit or call Lynda Graham at 662-325-6634.

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