Dear Parents,

I hope you have decided to join us for our Bulldog Family Weekend in February. If you have not registered yet, please do so at Registration will be open until at least Sunday, February 16, 2014. I urge you to go ahead and sign-up now so we can plan accordingly.

Finals began last Friday and campus is relatively quiet. Students completed two "reading days" to allow for some last minute studying; I hope they are doing well!

Sometime in the next week you may be welcoming your student home for a holiday visit. Are you prepared for a few pieces of dirty laundry? You may want to stock up on some detergent. Home cooked meals, family activities, and a little exercise should all be on the list of things your student would enjoy. Be flexible with any changes; it quite possibly will be a transition period for all involved. Dr. Leigh Jensen offers some fantastic advice below on how to handle some of the stress that sneaks up on some of us (myself included!) this time of year.

As always, call or email me 662.325.3611/ with any questions or concerns. I would also appreciate hearing any ideas/suggestions on how our office can better serve you.

MSU will be closed for the winter break beginning December 20 and offices will re-open on January 7, so if you need to reach me over the holidays it may be best to try my cell (662.418.2441).

Classes start back on January 13, and January 21 is the last day to elect for undergrad academic forgiveness\course retakes via myState.

Please have a safe and happy holiday with your student!

Cat Walker, Office of Parent Services

A Note from Housing & Residence Life

Reminders regarding residence hall closing procedures:

We require students to follow instructions below as part of Winter Break check-out procedures:

Students who are returning for the 2014 Spring term do not need to move out all of their belongings, just what they need/want to take with them for the break. They will not be able to access their residence hall during the break.

**The halls will open for the Spring semester on Thursday, January 9 at 2:00PM**


Check out of their Residence Hall no later than 24 hours after their last exam. Residents must sign up for a check out appointment with an RA at least one day in advance. Exceptions are made for graduating seniors participating in commencement on Dec. 14th. Students should make sure they email if they need this exception!

Visit their RA's room at least 24 hours before they wish to check out. They will have a list of times available for check-out. Sign up for a time that works for them on the schedule. If there isn't a time that works, they should visit another RA in the building and sign up for a time on his/her sheet. Failure to sign up for an appointment at least one day in advance will result in an improper check out charge of $50.

Before the appointment, students should be sure to do the following:

  1. Remove all personal items from the room
  2. Empty Trash
  3. Empty refrigerator, clean and defrost completely.
  4. Clean room (Dust off surfaces, sweep floor, scrub bathroom surfaces and/or room sink)
  5. Set Bedroom unit thermostat to low cool (if applicable
  6. Close Window (if applicable)
  7. Close Blinds

When checking-out at their appointment the following will happen:

1. Staff will check the room with the student present. Remember all items must be removed from the room. If the items are not removed and the RA has to either re-schedule or fall behind appointments an additional fee of $25 may be imposed.

2. Staff will assess any damage charges necessary. Staff will collect keys. Staff and Resident will sign all appropriate paperwork before resident departure.


The Reveille

The Reveille has served as Mississippi State's yearbook since 1898. It was discontinued in 2007, brought back in 2012, was discontinued again for 2012-2013, and is now returning for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Reveille for this year will include 297 pages of MSU's organizations, colleges, student activities, and much more. The idea of this particular yearbook is to archive all the important and interesting aspects that makes this university special and unique to the students. There will be stories ranging from bulldog bash to the underground tunnels on campus encased, along with striking photographs and classic design. A supplement from the 2012-2013 school year will also be included in the book, which will include Condaleezza Rice's visit, campus constructions, and the Cage the Elephant concert.

The Reveille staff is excited and proud to keep this tradition alive for another year.

For more information about the yearbook, visit

A Note from the Maroon Volunteer Center


We are very proud of the impact our students have made on their campus, the Golden Triangle community, and throughout their state through their volunteer efforts. Just this semester alone nearly 3,000 MSU student volunteers have completed over 10,000 service hours. Students have been serving in several different capacities around Mississippi State's community. They have been tutors and mentors with our local school systems and after-school programs, conservationists at the Noxubee Refuge, and friends to the homeless pets at the Oktibbeha County Humane Society.

We would like to especially highlight the great accomplishments our students have made in the area of food security. The Mississippi State University Food Security Network is a fairly new program within our office that aims to connect students, faculty, and staff who are low on food resources with one of the seven food pantries in our network. The MSU family has been very active volunteering at these food pantries, referring those in need to the MSU Food Security Network, and donating to the food pantries. Including our family-friendly Sweet Potato Drop project, 230 volunteers have completed over 400 hunger-related service hours, and over 3,000 food items have been donated through the MSU Food Security Network.


This time of the year is generally revered as a time of giving. As students head home for the holidays they may be wondering how they can give back to their home communities. Here are a few suggestions for how Bulldogs and their families to get involved this holiday season:

For those staying in the Golden Triangle area, please check out our Holiday Guide to Volunteering and Giving or the Maroon Volunteer Center website here.

A Note from the Longest Student Health Center


Remind your student to get any prescriptions filled before leaving for the winter holiday. This will help prevent any inconvenience in having to get orders changed and / or prescriptions transferred. The Pharmacy at The Student Health Center will be open through December 20st and are scheduled to return to work on January 3rd, 2014. Phone 662-325-8205. TIP for Parents: Lots of students find having a supply of OTC medicines on hand to treat minor symptoms can be helpful. Suggested items are:

Students will want to be aware of how to take these items and what symptoms they are used for. Also, a personal thermometer will let them monitor fever. Information regarding fever is important information for providers to discern the nature of an illness.


The Student Health Center has a fully staffed Physical Therapy department. If PT services are required, please call for 662-325-7543. The Physical Therapists can work with post surgery rehabilitation and other post injury restorative needs. The PT staff has great results with MSU student physical therapy. Website is:

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