Dear Parents,

I hope this e-newsletter finds you well and that you are busy preparing for a well-deserved Thanksgiving break. I am pleased to announce the registration site is up and running for our Bulldog Family Weekend scheduled for February 15-17, 2013. You may want to go ahead and register and book early as hotels tend to fill up quickly around Starkville. Some hotels may have special rates, so be sure to mention you are attending MSU's Bulldog Family Weekend.

On another note, as we head into the holiday season, I need to remind you of something. You must know you are the most important connection I have to your student.The partnership I share with you helps keep students on course. The very fact that you take the time to read these communications shows me how much you care about the success of your student.

That being said, I hope we continue to work together. If you have not reached out before, it is not too late. Parental involvement is so very important to help in the student development process, if it is the right kind of parental involvement. Sure, it's not the same kind of "parental involvement" you provided at 5 years of age. Or 10. Or even 15. But, it is still necessary and studies continue to show a positive correlation between parental involvement and student success. If you are ever on the fence about a certain situation, please give our office a call.

A few important dates to note:

November 3 - Primary preregistration for spring semester begins today and runs through November 11.

November 15 - Last day to withdraw from University (ten days of classes remaining)

November 4 to December 4 - Very Late December 2012 Degree Application via myState - $50 fee plus $200 late application fee *Account balance must be paid before application is accepted

November 18 - Deadline (last day) to apply for December Commencement

November 21 to 23 - Thanksgiving holiday (Wednesday through Sunday)

November 26 - Classes resume

December 4 - Classes end

December 5, 6 - Reading Days

December 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 - FINAL EXAMINATIONS

December 15 - Starkville Campus Commencement 10:00 AM Saturday - All Colleges

Please do not hesitate to call or email me (662.325.3611/ with any questions or concerns. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Cat Walker, Office of Parent Services

A Note from Parking Services, Online Visitor Parking Registration

Parking Operations is excited to introduce the new online visitor permit registration.

This will allow those who visit campus a way to procure their permit prior to arrival. For their convenience, Parking Operations is offering an additional option to receive their visitor permit online. As our parking policy 2.1 states, all vehicles must have a permit. This is another way to offer a higher level of convenience to our visitors. The first visitor permit is complementary and all subsequent visitor permits are $2 per day. Visitors may park in any valid space on campus except, Reserved, Service, Exclusive Service, or Handicap spaces. Any vehicle utilizing metered parking must pay the meter (Please note the maximum time allowed is 45 minutes). The link will take you to a secure web-site which will allow one to purchase a visitor permit for one day or multiple days. When the transaction has been completed, the permit should be printed out and placed on the driver-side dashboard prior to arriving to campus. We hope this will provide a greater level of service to those who may not have the time to drop by our office and or are arriving after hours. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 325-3526 or 662-325-2661 on Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

A Note from Mandy Conrad, MSU's Registered Dietician

You may know that exercise is beneficial in strengthening bone and muscle, improving mental health, managing weight, and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, as well as some cancers. But, are you aware of the added value exercise can have on grades? College students who participate in 20 minutes of vigorous exercise each day have GPA's that average .4 higher than students who do not exercise. And while grade-related benefits may speak more loudly to those of college age, the benefits gained in the form of cardiovascular fitness and weight management reaped during the college years will continue to accumulate into very meaningful, risk-minimizing benefits associated with chronic diseases later in life (American Journal of Sports Medicine).

The perceived inconvenience of physical activity and "lack of time for exercise" promote a more sedentary lifestyle that is not good for us. Exercise should be considered vital in maximizing potential now and as one is preparing for the future!

Mandy Conrad, MS, RD, LD
Health Education and Wellness
Longest Student Health Center
Mississippi State University
For appointments: 662-325-7539

A Note from Barnes & Noble

Did your student rent textbooks from Barnes & Noble? The last day to return rental textbooks is Friday, December 14. Encourage your student to avoid replacement fees by returning rental textbooks by 8pm on this day. If your student is unsure as to whether or not a book is a rental, tell him/her to come by the bookstore and check before selling back any rental textbooks.

A Note from Housing & Residence Life, Fall Closing Procedures

The end of the semester is right around the corner.


Defrost, Clean and Dry your refrigerator

Take ALL trash OUTSIDE to the dumpster

Set Thermostat to low-low cool fan speed and the middle of the temperature range (if applicable)

Close the window (if applicable)

Close blinds



Check out of their Residence Hall no later than 10am on the day after their last exam. Residents must sign up for a check out appointment with an RA at least one day in advance. Exceptions are made for graduating seniors participating in commencement on Dec. 15th. Students should make sure they email if they need this exception!

Visit their RA's room at least 24 hours before they wish to check out. S/he will have a list of times available for check-out. Sign up for a time that works for them on the schedule. If there isn't a time that works, they should visit another RA in the building and sign up for a time on his/her sheet. Failure to sign up for an appointment at least one day in advance will result in an improper check out charge.

When checking-out at their appointment the following will happen: 1. Staff will check the room with the student present. Remember all items must be removed from the room. If the items are not removed and the RA has to either re-schedule or fall behind appointments an additional fee of $25 may be imposed. 2. Staff will assess any damage charges necessary.

Staff will collect keys.

Staff and Resident will sign all appropriate paperwork before resident departure.


Before the appointment, students should be sure to do the following: 1. Remove all personal items from the room. 2. Empty Trash. 3. Empty refrigerator, clean and defrost completely. 4. Clean room (Dust off surfaces, sweep floor, scrub bathroom surfaces and/or room sink. 5. Set Bedroom unit thermostat to low cool (if applicable). 6. Close Window (if applicable). 7. Close Blinds. AND BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BUILDING FOR THE LAST TIME STOP BY THE FRONT DESK TO HAVE YOUR ID SCANNED BEFORE LEAVING FOR THE FALL SEMESTER.

Student Highlight

The 2013 Miss Mississippi State University is Jasmine Murray. Jasmine is the daughter of Lisa Murray of Starkville and Samuel Murray of Illinois. A graduate of the Mississippi School of the Arts, Jasmine is currently a freshman at MSU studying Communication. At the age of 15, Jasmine was crowned Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen and was a top 10 finalist at Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant in 2007. She was also a top 13 Finalist on the hit reality show American Idol during Season 8. She has written and recorded numerous songs and is currently a worship leader at Pinelake Church in Starkville. Jasmine was named 1st runner up in the 2012 Miss Mississippi Pageant, in addition to being the preliminary talent and evening wear winner. She will represent MSU as she competes for the title of Miss Mississippi in the summer of 2013. Jasmine's platform is "13 Going on 30". Jasmine speaks to young girls and teens about the dangers of growing up too fast.

To book an appearance with Miss MSU, contact Heidie Lindsey at (662) 325-3917.

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