Dear Parents,

The semester is rocking along and fall is in the air; life is good!  I know you have encouraged your student to get involved on campus and in the community.  Though I am just as excited as the next person to experience SEC football, (and the two wins don't hurt, Go Dawgs!) there are a TON of other things to get involved with on and off campus.  If your student says there is nothing to do, please tell him/her to come visit me above the Post Office in the YMCA building.  There are plenty of niches available.

Here's some advice I gave last year and I think it still holds true, whether you're the parent of a new or returning student.  Continue to support your student. Support. Don't worry; you've watched them fall down before. I know you've caught yourself from reaching out and picking them up, because you knew they would have to eventually do it on their own, for themselves. And you knew they would be successful. It is very important to let them solve and resolve on their own. Letting go is not the same as leaving - you are still there, tucked safely in every fiber of their being. So at the end of the day, be there for them. Listen to them. Encourage them. Empower them. Even challenge them. Push back a little, they will thank you in the long run.

For those of you interested, I have opened the parent store back up and have made 30 "rest of the year" packs available ($80) on a first come, first serve basis.  Deliveries will include Halloween, Winter Finals, Valentine's Day, and Spring Finals.

Here are a few important dates to note:

Please do not hesitate to call or email me (662.325.3611/ with any questions or concerns.

Cat Walker, Office of Parent Services

Save the Date! 

A "Family Weekend" is currently under construction for the weekend of February 15-17, 2013.  Mark your calendars - Details coming soon!  If you have any suggestions for the weekend's events, please submit them to

A Note from The Learning Center, Free Tutoring

Tutoring is free to all MSU students in most of the major subjects fall, spring, and summer terms. All that is required is for a student to fill out some basic information for The Learning Center’s records. No appointment is necessary. The Learning Center encourages MSU students to come by and use these services at their convenience. Currently, it is walk-in tutoring but coming soon will be tutoring by appointment.

The Tutoring Schedule can be found at  (Remember to refresh your browser often as the schedule is subject to updates.)

Also, if a student needs a tutor in a particular course or subject area other than those The Learning Center has currently scheduled, the student can fill out the online Request for Tutor form and efforts will be made to secure a tutor.

If a student is interested in becoming a tutor, they can fill out the online Tutor Application form. Applications by phone or in person will not be evaluated— only those submitted online will be evaluated.

Money Matter$ - Student Accounts

Account Due Date Reminder: Students should review and pay all past-due account balances by October 9, 2012. If unpaid, the account will be placed on HOLD and begin accruing late fees. Students with a HOLD on their account will not be permitted to pre-register for the Spring 2013 semester; pre-registration for Spring 2013 begins November 5, 2012. According to university policy, student accounts must be current in order to continue enrollment at Mississippi State University.

Authorized Payer Reminder: To access and/or make payments on your student’s account, your student will need to designate you as an Authorized Payer through QuikPAY®. Please visit for step by step instructions on how your student can set you up as an Authorized Payer.

As always, you may contact us directly at 662.325.2071 or e-mail us at if you have questions.

State Fountain Bakery

Let them eat cake! 

The State Fountain Bakery is open and serving all of your MSU favorites!  Over the summer, the facility received a makeover, and looks better than ever.  We are still serving all of the MSU favorites, including Dawg Bone cookies in all sizes, but you may notice a few new additions to our menu.  Come by to enjoy traditional menu options and daily specials.  We also serve full-sized pies and cakes, as well as specialty cakes.  We are always open for home game days, so stop by for a glimpse of what your students enjoy every day!

A Note from the Longest Student Health Center

The Longest Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday until 5:00 pm to serve the MSU community. If your student is sick, please have them call 662-325-7539 for an appointment.  There is no charge to see the physician.  There will be a charge for any labwork or x-rays; these charges can be filed to insurance or placed on the student account.  Remind students to provide their insurance information if they would like to have charges filed to insurance for payment.  NOTE: The student will need know the subscriber's date of birth for insurance filing purposes.  There is a full service Pharmacy inside the Student Health Center.  325.8205 There are two Licensed Physical Therapists on staff if physical therapy is necessary.  325-7543  Website:  Other important reminders:

Lyceum Series

Mississippi State University continues to be committed to the Arts, and one great way to expose students to the art of performance is the Lyceum Series. The annual Lyceum Series offers exposure to the talents of national artists in a variety of performance areas, ranging from music to drama to dance. In a broad range of programming, the Lyceum Series is an important part of expanding cultural and educational horizons. This is a great opportunity to come to Starkville to visit your child and enjoy a show with them. And your student will be a "free date" for you! Free (with identification) MSU student tickets are available before each event.

The 2012-13 season will kick off with the Capitol Steps, a Washington, D.C.-based musical and political satire troupe of former congressional staffers, on Oct. 11. The American Shakespeare Center's Feb. 22 presentation of "Twelfth Night" opens the spring events. This year's schedule also includes: --March 5, blues musician Eric Bibb, who will unite for a special show with Habib Koite, who is among Africa's most popular musicians and artists; --April 9, TAP-The Show, a powerhouse international celebration tap-dance artistry; and --April 22, Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet. Season ticket renewals may be completed through July 27, with new season-ticket holders to begin their purchases July 30-Aug. 10.

Lyceum programs take place in Lee Hall's Bettersworth Auditorium. Beginning this month,the central-campus venue will undergo a major renovation to continue through at least mid-2014. For temporary seating details--as well as ticket-purchase links and and other key information--visit or telephone the student activities center at the 662-325-2930. Also, for brief peeks at this year's slate of performers, see!screening-room.

A Note from Greek Life

Last month, Mississippi State University fraternities and sororities welcomed more than 1000 students as the newest members of our Greek community! Thanks to all of you, as parents, for supporting your student as they begin their fraternity or sorority membership that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions, concerns, or accolades to share with the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff, please feel free to contact Cedric Gathings, Associate Director, (, Heidie Lindsey, Associate Director, (, Davis Dodson, Graduate Assistant, (, or call our office at (662) 325-3917.

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