Dear Parents

Today is the last day of final exams for the spring semester.  The residence halls are emptying quickly and the classrooms are becoming silent.  While things quiet down on campus, they are probably picking up at home.

When your son or daughter is home (whether it is for the entire summer, or just for a few weeks) know that changes are normal.  Remember to talk openly with your student when you get frustrated.  He or she may need to be reminded that if they wash their own clothes at school they can do it at home, too.  Your student may also want to remind you that when at school you don’t know where they will be for every minute during the day.  All of these little issues will resolve themselves very quickly.

This will be the last e-newsletter of the spring.  Beginning in August, the e-newsletters will return.  Our office will be open all summer, so if you have any questions about MSU, please e-mail or call 662-325-3611.


Lady Cox

Office of Parent Services

Reminder: Post Office Boxes

The university post office reminds students to check their post office boxes before they leave campus, as several packages are arriving for exams and last-minute orders.

Any students going home for the summer should give the post office a temporary change of address so personnel can send their mail.

In addition, students should check when the box rent is due. Anyone not planning on keeping his or her box is asked to return the key, as the post office has more than 2,000 incoming freshmen who will need a box by June. Change of addresses and payments may be made online at

Final Grades

Final grades should be posted by Wednesday, May 5th.  For students to access their grades they can:

- log into the MSU OnCampus system

- Click on the “Banner” tab at the top of the page

- Under “Academic Records” click on “View Your Class Schedule and Grades”

- Select the term “Spring Semester 2010”

- Click “View Class Schedule”

From this page students can view their final grades and select to either print a copy or an official version.

Also, if your student completed a FERPA waiver granting you access to his or her grades, you can call the Office of Parent Services at 662-325-3611 to obtain grades.

Graduating Students

Many of you will have students graduating tomorrow.  Congratulations! 

If you need information about tomorrow’s ceremonies, please visit:

We hope that you and your student have enjoyed being a part of the MSU Family.  Even though your student will be leaving MSU, we hope that you will continue to come back to our campus often. 

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