Dear Parents, 

Believe it or not, Wednesday, February 24th will mark the midpoint of the semester. Even though it seems like the semester just began, it is already time for midterm exams and assignments. 

The semester is now starting to pick up pace. Many students are trying to buckle down on academics before spring break. Here are some dates you might want to have for this current semester:

March 5 -                    Midterm grades are posted

March 12 -                  Spring break begins after classes

March 22 -                  Classes resume

April 2 -                       University holiday

If you have any questions about MSU or any concerns about your student, please contact our office anytime by telephone 662-325-3611 or e-mail


Lady Cox

Beth Holloway at MSU

Mississippi State University will be hosting Beth Holloway on Tuesday, March, 2, 2010. Beth is the Mother of Natalee Holloway that disappeared in Aruba while on her senior class trip. 

Ms. Holloway will speak at the Humphrey Coliseum at 8:00 p.m. She will discuss spring break safety including personal safety, drug and alcohol laws, and travel abroad. The event is free and open to the public.

Alcohol Awareness and Education

The Department of Health Education and Wellness at Mississippi State University provides and supports a variety of programming for alcohol awareness and education for our students. Some of the programs available are:

Night Route Shuttle - This shuttle bus takes students from campus to various locations in Starkville and back to campus on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 7:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. The service is provided to help discourage students from drinking and then driving.

Dawgs Best Friend Cards - These small cards are designed to be kept in a wallet. An intoxicated student can give this card, with contact information of a sober friend, to a waiter or bartender to call for a ride home. The card also includes alcohol safety tips along with the number of local taxi services.

TIPS Training - The Training for Interventions Procedures (TIPS) program provides skills training for situations where others around you are consuming alcohol and how one can act in these situations to reduce the risk of intoxication and intervene when others misuse alcohol.

CORE Campus Survey - This survey assesses students' perceptions of alcohol and drug use on campus and to compare these with the reality of their use. Research supports the conclusion that students tend to perceive their peers as using alcohol and other drugs more frequently and more extensively than they themselves do. These misperceptions tend to generate greater use.

The survey will help provide a new consciousness regarding the reality of substance use on campus, attitudes regarding alcohol and other drugs, and attitudes regarding campus policy.

Campus Alcohol and Drug Education (CADE) Program - This program educates students on: making smart choices regarding alcohol and drugs, the connection between alcohol and sex, laws and policies for alcohol, and referral services available. 

The C.A.D.E. program also has an offenders’ course for students who receive alcohol-related offenses. Each course consists of 4 or more classes involving basic knowledge of the specific offender's offense, attendance of an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, homework, and completion of an exit exam with a grade of 85% or higher.

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