Dear Parents,   

Exams were completed yesterday. Most students are either already home or preparing for the trip home now. 

If you are the parent of a freshman, plan on the month that your student is home to be different from other visits or last year’s summer break. Here are some things to expect:

If you need to reach us between semesters please call us at 662-325-3611 or e-mail us at Please note that Mississippi State will be closed for the winter break from Monday, December 21 until Monday, January 4. 



Lady Cox

Grades Posted December 14

Final grades for the semester will be posted by December 14th. This is an excellent opportunity for you to have a candid conversation with your student about his or her performance. 

Ask your student to print their grades from his/her MSU OnCampus account. This will give you a chance to congratulate your student on the success he or she had this semester and to discuss your expectations for next semester.

Here is how students can print a copy of their grades:

-Go to

-Click on OnCampus above the search box.

-Type in netId and netPassword.

-Click on tab titled Banner.

-Under Academic Records click View your class schedule and grades.

-Select Fall Semester 2009

-Select Official Copy or Printable Version

Both the “Official Copy” and the “Printable Version” have valuable information. The “Official Copy” will show the MSU seal and Registrar’s signature. The “Printable Version” will show class absences, summary of hours, and your student’s grade point average.

One way to be more engaged with your student’s success is to ask your student to provide his or her grades to you prior to the next semester. Discuss what performance you expect of your student and what grades you will, or won’t, pay for. 

Not all students can make straight A’s, but you can set limits on the number of absences you will accept and the grade point average you want your student to achieve. 

 Window 7 Update

Microsoft Windows 7 was released in October 2009, and MSU’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has investigated the compatibility of Windows 7 Professional with major MSU systems and software. To view the ITS compatibility test results and Windows 7 PC requirements and recommendations go to .

Windows 7 is available in Home, Professional and Ultimate editions, and ITS recommends at least the “Professional” edition for MSU students. Students should also refer to the PC and software specifications of their individual college before purchasing Windows 7 Professional, as some colleges might require specific software that is not yet compatible with Windows 7.

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