The time when students can add or drop a course for this semester is over, so most are settling into the work they will need to complete for the semester. Whether it is because of the recent cold temperatures or the early sunset, I don’t know, but most students are focusing on studies rather than parties.

This time of year can be gloomy for many students. Don’t be surprised if your student calls and seems sad. The holidays often remind students of the comforts of home that they are missing. Some students are already overwhelmed by how much work they will have to accomplish this semester. Summer break, and the fun that it will bring, seem to be a long way away.

Go ahead and schedule visits with your student now so that you both will know when to look forward to having some time together again. Also, try to send a card or letter this week. Students love to get “real” mail in their post office boxes.

If you have questions about anything life on campus at MSU, please contact the Office of Parent Services you at 662-325-3611 or e-mail us at


Lady Cox

Dear Parents,

MSU Emergency Information

In lieu the event that happened this week at Virginia Tech, here is a reminder of the emergency procedures at MSU:

Mississippi State University's main campus is located in a rural, low crime area. Serious emergencies happen rarely and are usually weather related—ice storms and wind events. However, a catastrophic emergency could happen anywhere, any time and Mississippi State has an emergency management plan to address such cases as well as less serious emergencies.

In case of a campus emergency, administration will communicate with the university community using appropriate media including:

• MSU emergency website -,

• Instant messaging for students and employees,

• Text messaging on student and employees cell phones,

• E-mail using the student or employee's official e-mail address,

• Campus radio station WMSV, which has a live feed on their web site. In an emergency they would have a live announcer 24 hours a day.

• The HOT LINE 662-325-5555 (activated only during emergency),

• and other media.

MSU has its own nationally accredited police department. Fire/Rescue service to the campus is provided through contract with the Starkville Fire Department. Ambulance and emergency medical service is provided throughout the county by Oktibbeha County Hospital. The Starkville Police Department and the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Office support our police department for special events requiring extra manpower. The Oktibbeha County Chapter of the American Red Cross stands ready to assist with mass feeding and sheltering.

New Hours at Perry!

Did You Know...
  • The MSU Cricket Club won
    the Bulldawg Championship Cricket Trophy for 2008.