Dear Parents,

Folks, would you mind taking a few minutes to help out some peers from the University of Minnesota?

Colleges and universities recognize parents as a valued constituency and strive to provide communications and programming to parents of current students. We know that parents and family members use information in many different ways, but we do not know how we can successfully reach all types of parents. In order to strengthen programming and communication for families of college students, we hope to learn more about how different parenting styles impact the ways parents access and use information provided by the college/university their students attend.

The survey at includes questions about parenting and your involvement and satisfaction with your student's college/university. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and will not affect your current or future relationship with associated institutions. The research team will not be able to identify you individually nor the institution your student attends. Your information will be kept private and stored securely.

Thanks, in advance, for helping out Marjorie Savage and Chelsea Petree, both from University of Minnesota, with this study. It will also help ME moving forward with my communications to you.

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