Dear Parents

Happy Halloween! The semester is starting to wind down as the holiday season begins to increase in momentum. Many studentsí thoughts are on final grades this time of year. There are only four full weeks of classes left until exams start. This means that many students are focusing on final papers, team projects, and exam preparation.

In addition, now is the time for academic advising for next semester. Students should be meeting with the advisor for his/her major to select courses for next semester. When meeting with an advisor, students receive a RAC number that is used to enroll in the upcoming semester.

Advisors are well trained and highly skilled at steering students in the right direction for courses needed for graduation. Encourage your student to not deviate from the schedule that the advisor recommends. Often when students take courses that are not suggested it results in those courses not being counted toward their degree program.

Students should also check to make certain they are not on hold. Students on hold are unable to register for courses. Reasons for being placed on hold include not paying student financial accounts or not responding to a student conduct hearing.

If you have questions about MSU or concerns about your student, please call our office at 662-325-3611 or e-mail us at:

Withdraw ends November 13

Any student leaving the University prior to the end of the semester should initiate withdrawal procedures at his/her Academic Deanís office. By completing this procedure, the student may prevent future difficulties in obtaining transcripts or in re-entering the University, and will avoid having Fís automatically recorded for all courses taken during the semester.

A student who withdraws after the 10th day of classes will receive grades of W for each course scheduled.

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Residence Hall Quality of Life Survey

Students can now tell about the quality of their experience in the residence halls on campus. Until November 7th, the Quality of Life Survey is available to students living on the MSU campus.

This survey will allow your student to tell us discuss how well residence hall staff is doing and tell about their overall experience living on campus this year. The Quality of Life survey will help Housing and Residence Life continue to improve your studentís on campus experience. Please encourage your student to go to their OnCampus account before November 7th and click on the survey link on the left and complete the survey.

Maroon Out at MSU vs. Kentucky

The MSU Student Association will sponsor a "Maroon Out" for the MSU vs. Kentucky football game on Saturday, November 1, 2008. "True Maroon" t-shirts are available for $10 through Barnes and Noble on the Mississippi State University campus. T-shirts may be purchased on campus at Barnes and Noble at MSU, on their website at, or by calling (662) 325-1576.

T-shirts may also be purchased inside Davis Wade Stadium during the MSU vs. Middle Tennessee State University and MSU vs. Kentucky football games. Partial proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to the Golden Triangle Area United Way.

True Maroon and Maroon Out are sponsored by the Student Association History and Traditions Committee in hopes to encourage students and alumni to support MSU football by 'marooning out' Davis Wade Stadium on November 1.

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