Frequently Asked Questions

Moving in

Money Matters


How can out-of-state students receive non-resident scholarships?

Since I am an alumnus of MSU, are my children eligible to receive a non-resident scholarship to reduce the cost of out-of-state tuition?

Is there a list of all of the scholarship opportunities offered by the university?

Where do you find information about scholarships for a particular department?

What is the deadline for entering-freshman scholarships?

Financial Aid

Where do I get information about financial aid and grants?

What items are needed to apply for financial aid?

What is FASFA?

When does the FAFSA need to be completed and sent in?

What is a plus loan? What is the MTAG?

What is MPACT?

How does my student apply for financial aid?

Account Services

How much does tuition cost?

Are there payment plans available to pay for tuition and fees?

We live out of state. What is the cost for our student to attend MSU?

How are bursar accounts handled for students?

Under what circumstances will my child lose his schedule if fees are not paid on time?

How will we be notified of billing?

How do we make a payment?

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